Students, share your COVID-19 experiences with the University Archives

UCCS Archives photo of an early Cragmor campus sign.
Photo of an early Cragmor Hall campus sign. Photo courtesy of the UCCS Archives.

With the many ways that COVID-19 has disrupted life, there have been few opportunities for students to record or document their experiences while studying at UCCS. The UCCS University Archives invites students to tell their Mountain Lion Story to be preserved in the Archives.

Prompts for reflection

The University Archives team has provided prompts below to spark reflections on this time. Students should consider: What do you want to tell future students and researchers about your life while a student at UCCS?

  • Tell us about life before and during COVID-19
  • Classes, how and where you studied
  • Activities and social contacts (or lack thereof)
  • Your family and community and changes through time
  • How events large and small impacted your life
  • What happened that was not written down or recorded but should not be lost (anything from trying to find a mask to trying to find parking)
  • What does having attended and graduating from UCCS mean to you?

If you wish to donate papers or physical objects to the UCCS University Archives, please contact the Archives Librarian to arrange the donation via email. If you have any questions, please contact Mary Rupp.