Clyde’s Kudos: March 2021

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Clyde’s Kudos: March 2021

Featured this month:


All Those Who Helped with Dual Credit Enrollments for Spring 2021 | The Admissions Team | EMU Admissions Department Intake Team | Mugs & Mingle Crew | Stephanie Hanenberg, Chrissie Bailey & All Those Who Made the UCCS POD Possible


Alexa Salstrand | Ann Schwab & Emily Drapeau | Anna Squires | Anna Squires, Crayton Daniel & Chris Valentine | Ashley Klug | Bailey Ashida | Basheer Mohammed | Becca Stephens | Becca Stephens & Nate Byford | Chuck Litchfield | Claire Ami, Maria O’Connell, Kayleen St. Louis, Nicholas Tapia-Fuselier & Ale Ruiz | Crayton Daniel & Mark Belcher | Crista Hill | Debi O’Connor | Ellen Burkart & Nicholas Lockwood | Erin Mitchler | Jeff Foster, Gabby Hensley, Nick Lockwood & Mark Belcher | Jill Stoller | Joanna Bean | Kayla Gronseth Boyer | Krista Farmer, Todd Casey & Tracy Barber | Lacie Fedewa | Lin Kaplan | Lin Kaplan & Paul Goslin | Lynn Vidler | Mark Belcher | Martin Key | Nicholas Lockwood, Ellen Burkart, Jeff Foster, Hailey Santonastaso, Missy Sernatinger, Stephanie Trujillo & Mark Belcher | Sarah Harring | Shannon Cable | Stephanie Adams | Steve Miller, Wang Chao & Jose Mora | Tiyana Hardney Vela | Wendi Clouse


To: All Those Who Helped with Dual Credit Enrollments for Spring 2021
From: Candida Bennett

BIG shoutout and THANK YOU to: Karen Bisset, Christine Broyard, OIT Help Desk, Jim Harper, Recruitment and Admissions staff, Bursars Office staff, Bonnie Bates, Registrars Office staff and others who felt the impact of over 2,300 high school dual credit enrollments for spring 2021! The support of our campus community means everything!

To: The Admissions Team
From: Gabby Hensley

Thank you so much for your help on the Admissions Celebration Video we are working on together! Your team did an amazing job gathering the photos/information needed and then putting all of that (for almost 200 students) into video slides! It was a new learning experience for all of us and you guys killed it! :) Thank you again! YOU ROCK!

To: EMU Admissions Department Intake Team
From: Mathew Cox, Chris Beiswanger, Barbara Keeney & Steve Miller

The Intake Team (Nancy, Nicole and Curt) are being recognized for the hard work, perseverance, tenacity, persistence, resolve (and any other word we can think of), for them getting through the very heavy work load volume they have dealt with over the last several months. They have processed many thousands of documents with high accuracy and quality which has made the job of the admissions examiner much more efficient and easier. The Intake team has done an outstanding job of keeping up with all our documents and played a large roll in our enrollment management team processing these applications. The additional hours and efforts of the team have been astronomical in our performance as examiners and I cannot thank them enough for what they do (Valerie).

Curt, Nancy, and Nicole, you all did such an amazing job this past cycle with the unusually high amount of volume that came in. You all always find a way to get it done and done well at that! I just want you to know that we truly appreciate all the hard work you have put in and continue to do (Barbara). We also will recognize the additional help that the examiners and admissions counselors gave to the Intake Team. All of this great work has definitely been a team effort. Way to go EMU Admissions staff.

To: Mugs & Mingle Crew
From: Anon.

A diverse group of staff members meets weekly via Teams for 15 mins. to check-in and support each other. This group was created in Winter 2020. So many wonderful staff members from across campus participate. Having this water-cooler like moment brings joy, connection, and regularity to my week. We’ve all learned how priceless these relationships are. Other staff are welcome to join! Thank you all: Claire, Joanna, Margie, Tracy, Sam, Robyn, Wang, Justin, Stephanie, Lindsay, Barb, and all the others. ;)

To: Stephanie Hanenberg, Chrissie Bailey & All Those Who Made the UCCS POD Possible
From: Anon.

It was absolutely amazing to see so many volunteers pull together to make the UCCS POD vaccination event possible. Stephanie and Chrissie moved mountains to make the whole process as smooth, safe and easy as possible. Thank you for making our community safer!


To: Alexa Salstrand
From: Joe Wehrman

Alexa is a new hire and she has done a great job getting to know all the new job requirements.

To: Ann Schwab & Emily Drapeau
From: Ann Amicucci

Ann and Emily go above and beyond in scheduling classes for all of campus. Despite how huge their jobs are, they’re always willing to answer a question or respond to a need. The care they put into making the schedule goes a long way to boost morale on campus. I’m incredibly grateful for their expertise and their never-ending professionalism.

To: Anna Squires
From: Crayton Daniel

Anna is a very talented writer and I always appreciate her willingness to edit my work and provide great and valuable feedback!

To: Anna Squires, Crayton Daniel & Chris Valentine
From: Mark Belcher

This team has been incredibly supportive and productive through changes in the department, and I’m very grateful for all their help.

To: Ashley Klug
From: Anon.

I want to recognize Ashley for being a forward thinker and asking the tough questions. Ashley is an advocate for doing the right thing and protecting our student athletes. KUDOS to you Ashley!!

To: Bailey Ashida
From: Danny Pape

Bailey just started as our new Career Coach in the Career Center and jumped right in!! Her initiative around our marketing efforts and meeting with students has made the transition happen naturally. I’m lucky to have Bailey on the team!

To: Basheer Mohammed
From: Anon.

Thank you for all your hard work and contributions to the UCCS HealthCircle Primary Care Clinic. We will miss your calm, steady attitude and the care you give to patients. Best wishes as you continue on your journey.

To: Becca Stephens
From: Jeff Foster

Becca was been incredibly responsive, helpful and easy to work with, quickly implementing brand-related updates to important documents. Thank you for making things so seamless and helping keep the UCCS brand consistent and well implemented!

To: Becca Stephens & Nate Byford
From: Robyn Marschke

Kudos for going above and beyond to ensure the campus commitment to equal opportunity in hiring and promotion practices.

To: Chuck Litchfield
From: Anon.

Vice Chancellor Litchfield has done this campus a tremendous service through his leadership throughout the pandemic. He has masterfully managed the campus incident management team. As a result, I would put our campus up against any in the nation in terms of the decisions that were made.

To: Claire Ami, Maria O’Connell, Kayleen St. Louis, Nicholas Tapia-Fuselier & Ale Ruiz
From: Sloan Gonzales

Huge thanks and kudos to the MOSAIC program coordinator search committee. Their passion and commitment for this new role made our committee one of a kind. I truly appreciate the work they put in and I am so honored to be able to work with such incredible staff on our campus.

To: Crayton Daniel & Mark Belcher
From: Anna Squires

I am so proud of our little “Dream Team” for stepping up and filling in the gaps to keep campus news flowing smoothly. Thank you for all of the brainstorming sessions and for your willingness to consider new ideas. The long hours, late-night and early-morning emails and the heart and soul y’all put into your work do not go unnoticed. You are so appreciated!

To: Crista Hill
From: Anon.

Crista has already implemented and is currently spearheading some fantastic changes and modernizations in the Veteran and Military Affairs office that are going to significantly improve the education experience for all veterans. Thank you Crista, for truly supporting our UCCS vets!

To: Debi O’Connor
From: Wang Chao

Who would thought that the Compliance Office is where one can feel safe, heard and supported beyond compliance on this campus. Many many thanks and lots of appreciation to Debi for her hard work, advocacy, relationship and bridge building and much more within the realm of compliance and outside compliance.

To: Ellen Burkart & Nicholas Lockwood
From: Jeff Foster

Thank you both, and your teams, for your excellent collaboration on the Orientation Guide and Calendar project. It’s always a pleasure to work with you, but we especially appreciated all the hard work and coordination, collaboration, and planning well ahead of deadline that went into the project and kept it running so smoothly. Lucky to work with such dedicated and talented folks.

To: Erin Mitchler
From: Anon.

Erin has an incredible ability to always been a consistent in the office. She is always honest and open with information. No matter the situation, she is able to rise up and be that dependable force in the office. This type of stability has been paramount for the well-being of her advising team as well as her students. I couldn’t imagine making it through this remote transition without her help. Her guidance and expertise has been a bright spot through this challenging time. Thank you Erin!

To: Jeff Foster, Gabby Hensley, Nick Lockwood & Mark Belcher
From: Ellen Burkart

I appreciate this team beyond words. The four of you (with very little help from me) made this year’s Orientation Guide and Calendar become a reality. I never imagined that the small little calendar that was created back in 2012, would turn into such a masterpiece almost a decade later. Teamwork makes the dream work and you all are an amazing team! It turned out AMAZING and will surely be a welcomed piece for incoming UCCS students and their families. Brilliant work!

To: Jill Stoller
From: Crayton Daniel

Kudos to Jill for transforming the Ent Center for the Arts social media into its own work of art! She’s successfully managed to tell the ECFA story in a way that keeps followers engaged and wanting the surrounding community in on all the details.

To: Joanna Bean
From: Stephanie Adams

Joanna is a wonderful collaborator and advocate for UCCS. She supports an amazing team in the Alumni Relations Office and welcomes partnership from across campus. In my work with her, I’ve found her to be a dedicated and compassionate leader. Her service extends beyond building great relationships and experiences for our alumni & friends. She also takes on search committees for key positions on campus and volunteers as needed on task forces to make UCCS the best it can be. Thank you for all your hard work Joanna, it’s inspiring.

To: Kayla Gronseth Boyer
From: Crayton Daniel

Kayla is a super supportive team member and is always willing to help in any way she can.

To: Krista Farmer, Todd Casey & Tracy Barber
From: Richard

Krista has taken a lot of time and effort to ensure continuity in business processes by making very detailed instructions to help onboard new employees. She has been completely supportive throughout my onboarding, and has been an excellent trainer. Todd and Tracy have been a real pleasure to work for and are very patient and accommodating; I could not ask for a better team!

To: Lacie Fedewa
From: Anon.

Lacie was so kind, supportive and professional when she administered my COVID-19 vaccination at the Wellness Center. She explained everything clearly and made sure I felt taken care of. It’s clear that she really cares about her work, and I love knowing that our students have such a compassionate NP taking care of them!

To: Lin Kaplan
From: Sherry McDonnell

Many thanks to Lin Kaplan for her enormous contribution in managing grants for the Biology department/College of LAS. From the beginning Lin stepped up to educate herself about each grant and ensure that she was available to handle any situation that arose in relation to each grant. Lin is thorough, proactive and readily available. She is a pleasure to work with.

To: Lin Kaplan & Paul Goslin
From: Ben Davies

I asked both of them to serve on a search committee and they did a great job. It was a fun time and a productive one with a few odd time crunches as well. They both did more than we normally ask for in a committee. On top of all that, I think we got the best candidate possible.

To: Lynn Vidler
From: Office of Institutional Equity

Dean Vidler is a tremendous asset to UCCS! OIE wishes to thank Dean Vidler for their support of our campus community through their consistently thoughtful response to the kinds of serious matters brought to the attention of OIE. Dean Vidler offers valuable insight, helps put things into perspective, and communicates expectations and options clearly. Thank you, Dean Vidler!

To: Mark Belcher
From: Ellen Burkart

Mark has always been a welcomed partner to my department, especially when it comes to parent and family outreach. We have had a few challenging moments and Mark has not only come up with ideas on the fly to help with responding to families, but has also come up with some proactive solutions to help us address questions and concerns in the future. He is thoughtful, relational, and intentional in his work. I enjoy work with Mark and look forward to many more collaborations and projects with him. Cannot say enough good things!

To: Mark Belcher
From: Stephanie Adams

Mark has done a great job leading Communique since Jared left this Spring. Mark always makes time to answer my questions or direct me to the correct person/place for deeper answers. He is a wonderful teammate to discuss ideas with. Thanks for going above and beyond, Mark! UCCS is lucky to have you.

To: Martin Key
From: Colleen Stiles

Dr. Corinne Harmon and I want to say thank you to Dr. Martin Key in the College of Business for lending his expertise and knowledge to one of our INOV 4010 student leaders. Martin went out of his way to provide feedback, timely counsel, and even took the time to put it all in writing for our client team. Thank you! We needed your expertise and you came through!

To: Nicholas Lockwood, Ellen Burkart, Jeff Foster, Hailey Santonastaso, Missy Sernatinger, Stephanie Trujillo & Mark Belcher
From: Gabby Hensley

Thank you everyone for all of your hard work on making this such a smooth process and a wonderful calendar! Being able to start with a great base, getting information ahead of time and having it reviewed so quickly helped so much! I am so excited to see how the calendar looks in person! Thank you again and I look forward to working with you on the next one! You are amazing! :)

To: Sarah Harring
From: Laura Emmot

Sarah does an AMAZING job supporting our campus community! In her current dual role between the Dean of Students Office and the Office of Institutional Equity, she wears many hats as a liaison, listener and explainer, scheduler (which is no easy feat!), she manages records and many calendars, and always provides excellent customer service. Sarah adds a personal touch to help balance the hardline compliance requires. Thank you, Sarah!

To: Shannon Cable
From: Office of Institutional Equity

Shannon Cable is a fantastic communicator! OIE wishes to thank Shannon for her continuous support of student employees, and her tremendous partnership with OIE in helping address important issues that come to the attention of our office. Shannon does a great job setting expectations, explaining policy and practices, and always works to find win-win solutions. Thank you, Shannon!

To: Stephanie Adams
From: Jenifer Furda

She ALWAYS goes above and beyond when it comes to Downtown UCCS! She makes sure that Downtown is front of mind, she is the cheer in everybody’s day as they walk through the door!!!

To: Steve Miller, Wang Chao & Jose Mora
From: UCCS Graduate School Office

The Graduate Admissions Examiner team has been working extremely hard to process graduate applications over the past few months. They always show dedication to their role on campus and support for the students. You are appreciated!

To: Tiyana Hardney Vela
From: Anna Squires

A huge thanks to Tiyana for gathering beautiful notes, event flows and more to make several Chancellor events possible this month. Tiyana’s heart for students is always evident in the quality of her work, which make the student- and donor-centric events she contributes to so special and meaningful. Thank you, Tiyana!

To: Wendi Clouse
From: Robyn Marschke

For her continuing work on dozens of U.S. News surveys with hundreds of items that ultimately result in rankings of UCCS programs.

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