Clyde’s Kudos: February 2021

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Clyde’s Kudos: February 2021

Featured this month:


David Holder & The Entire Custodial Staff | The Office of Student Life, The Chancellor’s Leadership Class & UCCSlead, The Office of Veteran & Military Student Affairs, Disability Services and The Family Development Center


Alex Baker | Anna Squires & Jeff Foster | Barbara Keeney | Brett Fugate | Crayton Daniel | David DuBois | Debi O’Connor & Anna Squires | Ellen Burkart | Gabby Hensley | Gabby Hensley, Jeff Foster, Anna Squires, Mark Belcher & Ellen Burkart | George Reed | Hailey Santonastaso & Stephanie Trujillo | Jared Verner | Jeanette Dias | Jeff Dempsey | Joanna Bean, Sloan Gonzales, Shannon Cable, Sam Adams & Amanda Garcia | Justin Filla | Kristina Coggins | Laura Emmot | Lisa Bartholme | Mary Ward | Megan Wendling | Melissa Baglio, Dillon Cordray & Caroline Ratterree | Nikki Blakesley | Rachael Springer | Rose Walker & Charlie Kuehler | Sandy Ho | Sheldon Gaskell & Andrea Wenker | Stephanie Adams | Stephanie Hanenberg | Susan Eldridge


To: David Holder & The Entire Custodial Staff
From: Anon.

This team works day in and day out to keep campus clean and safe. Thank you so much for your dedication to the UCCS community.

To: The Office of Student Life, The Chancellor’s Leadership Class & UCCSlead, The Office of Veteran & Military Student Affairs, Disability Services and The Family Development Center
From: Brad Bayer

Hats off to the Student Life, CLC & UCCSlead, Veteran & Military Affairs, Disability Services, and Family Development Center departments for bringing your A-games each day, engaging with students and families via meaningful outreach, advising, programming, curriculum, and services, and supporting one another through teamwork, compassion, and humor.


To: Alex Baker
From: Amandine Habben

Alex – congratulations on your selection as a Class of ’21 Rising Star by the Colorado Springs Business Journal!! The impact you have on campus does not go unnoticed. You so deserve it.

To: Anna Squires & Jeff Foster
From: Joanna Bean

Anna and Jeff in collaboration with the Alumni Relations office created the new UCCS Alumni Style Guide. This guide helps the campus know how to identify alumni by degree and class year in written materials, and we now have a cohesive and on-brand style for alumni communications. Anna and Jeff put much thought and creative love into this guide. Thank you!

To: Barbara Keeney
From: Anon.

It’s amazing how you’re always able to overcome any obstacle thrown your way.

To: Brett Fugate
From: Megan Bell

Thank you for presenting/facilitating at our staff meeting this month – your efforts leading the advising team to assess their work with students and continually improve is very much appreciated. I also wanted to thank you for always being prepared with the data that we are asked to provide randomly and usually without much notice. Also, thanks for being in the video while you were getting your hair cut during the town hall. So brave. (:

To: Crayton Daniel
From: Liz Bunkers

Big thanks to my great friend and coworker Crayton Daniel. Crayton does a wonderful job with social media for UCCS. I admire his drive to keep learning about his profession and how he regularly seeks out resources to help him improve his work. He sets a great example for others to continue their professional development and continue improving. Thanks for all you do, Crayton!

To: David DuBois
From: Daniel L. Segal on behalf of the Psychology Department

The UCCS Psychology Department wants to recognize David DuBois for his ongoing support of the graduate program. He assisted the directors with the graduate application review and selection process above and beyond this year.

David also coordinated the 2021 Ph.D. Interview Day, which was a first ever virtual event with prospective doctoral students and clinical faculty. A large number of applications received yearly are prepared for committee review by David. Once candidates are selected, David handles the admission process. This year, we had a record-breaking number of applications and David managed the process seamlessly. He always goes above and beyond in assisting directors with the many details of admissions season. He consistently makes an active effort to explain and clarify administrative details, so we all have a deeper understanding of the process. In addition, much of his time is spent working closely with the Admissions Office and Graduate School on behalf of the department throughout the year. During the pandemic, he has spent numerous hours in virtual meetings and talking to potential students (on his own mobile phone.)

Further, David supports the clinical programs in so many ways – admissions, orientation, guidance through the thesis/dissertation/graduation process. These programs are not only complex but all processes and record keeping have to address accreditation standards. David provides students with the information they need to be successful, and he supports the program directors with the infrastructure needed for program success. In sum, we greatly appreciate his valuable experience and commitment to the integrity of the graduate program, the students, and the Psychology Department at UCCS. Thank you, David!!

To: David DuBois
From: Laura Chandler

David DuBois has been relentless with non-stop support of our graduate program in the Psychology Department. This includes hours of time via phone and virtual meetings with potential graduate students. David assists faculty directors with hundreds of graduate student admissions and applications every year. He also handles defenses, proposals, graduation preparation, etc. David is always in contact and working with the Graduate School on behalf of our department. I am always amazed by the ease of which he manages the amount of work that the our graduate program entails. David remains pragmatic and collected handling faculty, staff and student inquiries and issues. And he is a pretty awesome co-worker!

To: David DuBois
From: Kelli Klebe, Graduate School Dean

Kudos to David for long-term service to graduate student support and extraordinary efforts during the the latest application cycle where he processed nearly 400 applications in a short period of time.

To: Debi O’Connor & Anna Squires
From: Laura Chandler

Thank you to Debi and Anna for their assistance with the Garrett Swasey Outstanding Award this year! As a committee of one, I can use all the help I can get. I appreciate their input on the nomination process this year! They can be honorary committee members anytime!

To: Ellen Burkart
From: Megan Bell

I wanted to thank Ellen for her help with the Mentor Collective pilot program the past several months, and in particular helping to analyze the outcomes for the students and put into a report we could share. I know you get a lot of requests for data, so I appreciate your work on this project, especially since it was something we added on this year. Thanks for all you do for our students!

To: Gabby Hensley
From: Gretchen Bliss

Gabby is an amazingly creative and supportive person. She is so talented at taking a concept and listening to people and coming up with creative picture that is EXACTLY what represents all the data and words she experienced! She is such a team player and always willing to get involved in new and different things. Thank you so much Gabby for sharing your talent and treasure with the UCCS family! You are amazing!

To: Gabby Hensley, Jeff Foster, Anna Squires, Mark Belcher & Ellen Burkart
From: Nick Lockwood

Many thank to this team and your support of the Orientation & Parent & Family calendar. It has been an exceptionally smooth process this year. It is a culmination of everyone’s skills, talents, and dedication and I am deeply appreciative of your time and willingness to assist with this project. It’s a pleasure working with you folks and thank you for your great work!

To: George Reed
From: Stephanie Adams

Dean Reed is an amazing supervisor and mentor. His support and enthusiasm for UCCS Downtown is much appreciated. Recently he was spotlighted as an expert within the subject of military extremism on National Public Radio (NPR). It is amazing to see UCCS and COS stand out on the national stage for our expertise and contributions. Thank you for being a courageous leader Dean Reed. Thank you for being an amazing mentor and for making UCCS a great place to work.

To: Hailey Santonastaso & Stephanie Trujillo
From: Nick Lockwood

Hailey & Stephanie – Thank you so much for your wonderful work supporting Spring 2021 Orientation processes. Your leadership supporting OWLs, webinars and reservations was greatly appreciated, especially while I was out of the office. What a great team!

To: Jared Verner
From: Stephanie Adams

Jared has been an amazing teammate and staff member for UCCS. I’m excited for his new adventure with El Paso County Public Health, but I am sad to see him go. Jared did amazing work with campus communications. He always went above and beyond to make UCCS look good. On many occasions he took time to brainstorm ideas with me to directly benefit students and grow programs. We are going to miss his expertise and enthusiasm for UCCS. Thank you for everything you did to make UCCS strong, Jared.

To: Jeanette Dias
From: Kara, College of Business

A great big thank YOU to Jeanette Dias for her assistance with scheduling interviews for a faculty search! There were multiple searches going on simultaneously. Jeanette jumped in to help and she scheduled the full day interviews and sent the meeting invites, etc. Jeanette is the assistant dean, so this is not part of her usual duties. She was incredibly helpful, supportive, and paid great attention to detail! I am grateful for her assistance as I could not have done it without her. Thank you, Jeanette! You rock! :-)

To: Jeff Dempsey
From: Joanna Bean

Jeff Dempsey did the filming at UCCS Downtown with Stephanie Adams and me for the UCCS Stronger Together virtual event in February. He was exceedingly patient while Stephanie and I were on camera for our portion of the event, and the segment turned out great! Thanks Jeff for working with a novice like me.

To: Joanna Bean, Sloan Gonzales, Shannon Cable, Sam Adams & Amanda Garcia
From: Megan Bell

Thank you to these amazing women for chairing the search committees for MOSAIC/LGBTRC, the Career Center, and Academic Advising. I appreciate your leadership, organization and care in helping us to find new staff members for these areas, which will really help us be able to better support our students. I appreciate all of the search committee members and the HR team that offered their service to these committees as well, but did want to recognize the additional time and energy it takes to serve as chair. I appreciate you all very much. Obrigada!

To: Justin Filla
From: Anon.

Thank you for always speaking up in team meetings and providing honest feedback.

To: Kristina Coggins
From: Anna Squires

Kristina unfailingly keeps me on track for events and large-scale celebrations that make the UCCS student experience so special. Her attention to detail and work ethic are always superb, but lately she’s been working harder than ever to make exciting events possible for campus. Thank you for all of the heart you put into your work, Kristina. Keep shining!

To: Laura Emmot
From: Sarah Harring

Laura has stepped up tremendously in the role of Interim Director of Institutional Equity. It is a large role to fill, but she has taken on the new challenge with great tenacity. She is definitely an asset to our UCCS community and I am grateful for her continued support of all students, staff, and faculty who work with OIE.

To: Lisa Bartholme
From: Kayla Gronseth Boyer

Lisa jumped in and helped with a last-minute, on-fire situation when I was not able to – she saved the day! I appreciate her willingness to be a good team member and help. Thank you, Lisa!

To: Mary Ward
From: Anon.

Mary Ward, who doubles as an amazing transfer coordinator and Health Promotion graduate student, took the time to plan a cooking demo for our Enrollment Management Unit. Mary used her own lunch break to put on this virtual event, where attendees made a delicious and healthy lunch, chatted about cooking tips and tricks, and discussed ways to promote healthy living. Kudos to Mary for sharing her talents with us and fostering a fun and healthy environment within our team!

To: Megan Wendling
From: Laura Chandler

Megan was so awesome informing the NIHR Team of the Psychology Department faculty search candidate meetings! I appreciate her initiative and willingness to assist me.

To: Melissa Baglio, Dillon Cordray & Caroline Ratterree
From: Sabrina Wienholtz

Event logistics are HARD. Event logistics during a global pandemic are harder. Melissa, Dillon, and Caroline have gone above and beyond to make sure events and productions at the Ent Center for the Arts are COVID safe and well taken care of. Creation of weekly logistics meetings for campus stakeholders have improved communication tremendously. Thanks to you all for your hard work and effort!

To: Nikki Blakesley
From: Jesse Perez

Nikki is always willing to go above and beyond to provide resources and tools so that people feel better prepared to support others’ mental health needs and make appropriate referrals. Most recently she graciously gave some of her time on a Friday afternoon to work with the Excel Languages Center Tutors on QPR strategies. Thank you!

To: Rachael Springer
From: Megan Bell

I want to recognize Rachael for all of her help with coordinating and scheduling performance evaluations for my group. She is always willing to assist and I know there was a lot to manage this month in our division, and she is still really new and figuring out how things work here.

To: Rose Walker & Charlie Kuehler
From: Megan Bell

I want to recognize Rose and Charlie for helping me over the last few months with all of the vacancies, reclassifications and updating of position descriptions in all of my departments. I know I have been keeping you both busy and I am really thankful for your responsiveness and help with the process, especially because I know that you are also helping a lot of other people.

To: Sandy Ho
From: Anon.

Dr. Ho recently took on a new position at UCCS and COVID-19 at the same time. Dr. Ho continued to work even through her illness. I have been impressed at a new level. Her love for UCCs and its students is unmatched. I feel her dedication needs to be recognized.

To: Sheldon Gaskell & Andrea Wenker
From: Gretchen Bliss

Sheldon and Andrea have been a tremendous help with the refinement and professionalization of the Cybersecurity Strategy formulation and presentation. Even with limited knowledge of cybersecurity, they dove into the project of creating a “brand” for the effort and taking their precious time to be a part of this initiative formulation. Their work has brought all the work of the Cybersecurity Strategy Committee over the past six months together in a very organized, cogent, manner to launch the effort into the implementation phase. Thank you so much for your hard work and bravery to tackle this project!

To: Stephanie Adams
From: Joanna Bean

Stephanie was a wonderful partner to work with on the UCCS Regional Connect Stronger Together – Advancing the Region Since 1965 event in early February. The event gave us a chance to work together to highlight the contributions of UCCS Downtown and UCCS alumni in the community. Stephanie brought such creativity, enthusiasm and talent to the event, especially the filming we did at UCCS Downtown. She is a great partner to our entire office.

To: Stephanie Hanenberg
From: Jenifer B. Furda

Because she has worked TIRELESSLY on behalf of UCCS and our students during this Covid Crisis. MULTIPLE 10 hour days. 100’s of emails and too many meeting to count. She is one of the most organized, thoughtful people when it comes to the overall health (including mental health) of our students, staff and faculty. UCCS is doing as well as it is during these COVID times BECAUSE of Stephanie and her AMAZING staff!!!

To: Susan Eldridge
From: Anon.

Kudos to Susan, who took on additional tasks and made significant process change in a short period of time.

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