September Town Hall provides update on enrollment, budget and testing procedures

Chancellor Venkat Reddy and campus leaders addressed campus at the sixth virtual Town Hall of the year on Sept. 14.

Chancellor Reddy and a panel of campus leaders provided updates on the state of enrollments, budgetary and personnel matters and forthcoming health and safety protocols that will further strengthen the university’s COVID-19 response. Shared governance leaders spoke about the priorities of Faculty Assembly, Staff Association and the Student Government Association, and campus community members submitted questions for a live Q&A.

Updates presented by Chancellor Reddy and campus leadership included several key takeaways.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The arrival of a new rapid testing machine and the implementation of new testing protocols will expand UCCS’ COVID-19 testing capabilities. The Wellness Center expects to have a full protocol in place by the end of September. > (opens in a new tab)”>Learn more >>

  • The position review committee established this spring will approve more staff positions than anticipated due to the financial relief provided by strong enrollment. > (opens in a new tab)”>Learn more >>

  • The COVID-19 dashboard continues to be updated each day with diagnostic test results performed by UCCS Health Services, or provided to UCCS by local health partners and confirmed by El Paso County Health. > (opens in a new tab)”>Learn more >>

  • Flu shots will be available to students through the Wellness Center this fall. Flu shots for faculty and staff are covered under all health insurance plans and are available through pharmacies, primary care providers and by appointment at the UCCS HealthCircle Primary Care Clinic in the Lane Center. Learn more >>

  • A new UCCS mobile app offers services including class registration, campus tours, access to the new mobile food ordering system and more to prospective and current students. A faculty and staff view will be available later this year. > (opens in a new tab)”>Learn more >>

“I’m deeply appreciative of all the work our faculty and staff have engaged in to help our campus not only prepare for, but make progress during, these COVID-19 times,” Reddy said in closing remarks. “Students, I take tremendous pride in you for rising to every challenge set before you with understanding and compassion. You are truly a credit to UCCS.”

“These hard times will not last forever,” Reddy continued. “Let’s commit to continuing to build a community that is caring and compassionate, even in a virtual environment.”

Members of the UCCS community who would like to submit additional questions for response may do so online. They may also fill out a survey response to the event.