Clyde’s Kudos: July 2020

Summer is a time to celebratewhether it’s longer days, a looser schedule or the tremendous accomplishments of our colleagues.

Clyde’s Kudos are celebrated each month on Communique. Nominations are also recognized through a variety of forums including the Staff Association website, the Staff Association newsletter, event shout-outs, handwritten cards and other methods of distribution.

Clyde’s Kudos: July 2020

Featured this month:

Alumni Faculty & Staff | Bailey Bush, Laura Straub, James Ledbetter, Ralph Giese, Stephanie Hanenberg, Vaughn Love, Shawn Hood & Erik Newhouse | Enrollment Management, Admissions, Graduate Admissions & First Year Experience Teams | Facilities and Dining Staff | LAS Dean’s Office Staff | Student Financial Services | University Communications

Amandine Habben | April Keller & Lori Unruh | Brandon Poulliot | Chad Garland | Claire Ami & Danny Pape | Cindy Brown | Daniel Metzger | Danni Sparks | Eric Nissen | Gabby Hensley & Jeff Foster | Gabby Hensley, Jeff Foster & Mark Belcher | Jared Verner | Jim Harper | Jon Bogh | Katie Parker | Kayla Gronseth Boyer | Krista Farmer, Ralph Giese & Tracy Barber | Kristina Coggins | Laura Emmot & Sarah Harring | Laura Straub | Lindsay Knell | Mikaela Morales | Missy Sernatinger | Nicole Tugg | Pam Sawyer | Rachel Heckler | Robyn Marschke | Sam Adams | Sandy Ho | Season Doebler | Shonda Johnson | Sloan Gonzalez | Stephanie Adams | Stephen Cucchiara | Suzanne Scott | Vaughn Love | Willow Fox


To: Alumni Faculty & Staff who volunteered for the Write-A-Mountain-Lion initiative
From: Lisa Bartholme

75 faculty and staff who are also UCCS alumni risked massive hand cramps to support the inaugural Write-A-Mountain Lion initiative. These volunteers helped with handwritten notes of welcome and congratulations to almost 3,000 incoming students.

To: Bailey Bush, Laura Straub, James Ledbetter, Ralph Giese, Stephanie Hanenberg, Vaughn Love, Shawn Hood & Erik Newhouse
From: Molly Kinne

Thank you all for your dedication and had work over the last few months! Grateful I get to work with all of you.

To: Enrollment Management, Admissions, Graduate Admissions and First Year Experience Teams
From: Marketing and Communications

Your hard work in this uncertain time does not go unnoticed. The Marketing and Communications team would like to sincerely thank you for your equitable partnership, the seamless collaboration and the give and take as we work together on dozens of projects together with the good of the university at heart. We and the entire campus thank you for your efforts and the extra hours you’ve all worked which have led to rebounding enrollment numbers. We look forward to continuing to work together day in and day out. Thank you all!

To: Facilities and Dining Staff
From: Stephanie Hanenberg

Thank you to all of the staff that has continued to come to work every day since the rest of the campus went remote so that we could feed our students, maintain our grounds and buildings and come back to clean offices. You are all rock stars that are greatly appreciated for all that you do!

To: LAS Dean’s Office Staff
From: Anon.

The LAS Dean’s Office team has gone above and beyond to guide the college through the events of the last several months. Jacqui Hatfield, Sherry McDonnell, Margie Oldham, Lily Cosgrave, Brynne Thompson, Deann Barrett, Sam Frank, Heidi Wardell, and Brian Glach each approach their work with care and a deep commitment to UCCS students and campus success. They are innovative, creative, and focused, and they are leading our College through the current situation smoothly.

To: Jacqueline Gatlin, Jesse Rochell, Allison Noel, Bonnie Bates and all of Student Financial Services
From: Jennifer Fisher & Samantha Carty-Gall

This amazing team from Student Financial Services has helped us flip the private scholarship check process to become more efficient and accommodate our remote working status. By changing the order of how we process checks, they no longer need to be scanned twice. Game changer! We also really appreciate their work on the Kane Scholarship invoice and proactive communication with students who have special bookstore accounts. We miss seeing your smiling faces, but we are grateful to work with such wonderful colleagues.

To: University Communications
From: Joanna Bean

Jared has been a great technology partner for our new Alumni webinar series, helping us figure out the best ways to reach alumni with new virtual events. Anna has written up wonderful summaries on the webinars for Communique, helping new audiences learn about and watch these webinars. And Crayton spreads the word on alumni and UCCS social media channels. Thank you for your partnership.


To: Amandine Habben
From: Alex Baker

Amandine is one of the most hard working and dedicated people I know, and I’m lucky to call her a friend. She serves as a co-chair for the Welcome Committee, and even in COVID they have been able to adapt and continue welcoming new employees to campus. Amandine also presents at new hire orientation, and I’m very grateful she’s always there. Amandine is so genuine and kind, dedicated and detailed. UCCS is lucky to have her, and I’m even luckier.

To: April Keller & Lori Unruh
From: Sandy Ho

April and Lori are so kind and attentive in supporting my transition to a new position – especially during a pandemic. April and Lori have been patient with all of my questions and consistently followed up to keep me updated. If this is indicative of what I can expect of the College of Education, then I’m off to a good start. Thank you, April and Lori.

To: Brandon Poulliot
From: Anon.

Brandon is always willing to help, and no question is too small. When he’s helping faculty design online courses, he takes his time to explain ideas and make sure we are supported in the process. When I dropped the ball on something, he simply said “Hey, you’re human,” and we moved on. I am grateful for his expertise and his generosity.

To: Chad Garland
From: Sabrina Wienholtz

Chad has a big job when he’s not in an interim position. Add responsibility for the Ent Center for the Arts to the UC and Conference Services and you’ve got the definition of “above and beyond the call.” Layer on COVID complexities and it would be easy to lose focus on the MANY people under his supervision. Instead, Chad has continued to lead with transparency and clear communication. Kudos to you, Chad. We couldn’t keep it going without you!

To: Claire Ami & Danny Pape
From: Joanna Bean

Danny and Claire have been enthusiastic and creative partners of our Alumni Relations and Annual Giving office, including launching a new webinar series for alumni about such topics as searching for a job in the pandemic and learning how to spruce up your resume and cover letter. Danny does a great job leading the webinar, with fresh and engaging content. Claire provides crucial behind-the-scenes support, including helping alumni with tech questions in the chat.

To: Cindy Brown
From: Sandy Ho

Cindy has consistently been a go-to professional in the College of Education. She is so knowledgeable and helpful. Cindy offered to meet with me on campus (adhering to social distancing protocols) to personally assist me in getting set up for my staff position and also has supported me to be a more prepared instructor. Thank you so much, Cindy.

To: Daniel Metzger
From: Anon.

Daniel always provides wonderful customer service to the Academic Advising team! Every time I ask for help or make a request, he sends a response or follow-up action incredibly quickly. His support has positive ripple impacts throughout staff and to students. It’s great to be able to rely on him for assistance even in the remote environment.

To: Danni Sparks
From: Bethany Wagar

During this pandemic, Danni has been a rock for me. Often checking in to make sure that our team is taking self-care so we can continue to effectively help students. Often, when I am struggling to see the positive aspects, she finds them and reminds me that perspective is so important. Thank you Danni for always being there!

To: Eric Nissen
From: Kayla Gronseth Boyer

Eric has taught me a lot about the importance of continuous growth as a professional and he is always there to support and mentor me through my journey. I appreciate your guidance and support through all of this!

To: Gabby Hensley & Jeff Foster
From: Lisa Bartholme

This dynamic duo in the University MarComm office has provided invaluable supported to the Alumni and Annual Giving office during this time of remote work. Their creativity, attention to detail and timeliness is very much appreciated!

To: Gabby Hensley, Jeff Foster & Mark Belcher
From: Anon.

This team has done an amazing job of responding to every request for COVID signage that we could think of – they have responded quickly, worked with individual customers to create unique signage and tweaked signage with a multitude of reviewers and they have done all of this quickly.

To: Jared Verner
From: Crayton Daniel

Jared Verner is a true leader and a master in the art of communication and media relations. He’s been a tremendous help since my first day on the job and continues to inspire me with his dedication and commitment to UCCS and our team’s success. Jared, thank you for your continued support and guidance. I’m grateful to have a boss like you!

To: Jim Harper
From: Ellen Burkart

It takes a team to successfully implement and maintain a system such as Starfish and Jim, while not originally a part of the Starfish crew, has jumped right in to help us whenever we have had issues demanding assistance with tech/data feed side of things. I have had to reach out to him on multiple occasions and without batting an eye, he has been willing to help troubleshoot and resolve any issues with the system – occasionally staying after hours to do so. It is because of him and his willingness to assist in a timely manner that we have been able to fix issues with the system. He has gone above and beyond to help out and I so appreciate him.

To: Jon Bogh
From: Amandine Habben

Thank you Jon for all of your hard work setting up the Student Life lounge to maximize the amount of students that can enjoy the space!

To: Katie Parker
From: Anon.

Katie just joined OIT in December as our Project Manager. And – she signed up for a wild ride (COVID included)! IT has innumerable projects (most PM’s are told to only manage up to 5 at a time). She has jumped in with enthusiasm, good humor, wit and a huge capacity to work. Katie thinks through logistics and approaches each road block with a healthy dose of realism and quick problem solving. She is teaching IT to think more mindfully about projects and has been a huge bonus to the team, culture and morale. Thank you Katie!

To: Kayla Gronseth Boyer
From: Anna Squires

Kayla puts the “family” in Mountain Lion Family. Even pre-COVID, she was always the first to suggest a group lunch, a team hike over lunch or an easy get-together. Now that we’re working remotely, she’s been such a force for good in my life. I’m grateful for her ability to bring people together – and even more than that, for her incredible open-heartedness. She is always thinking of ways to be a light. Kayla, we’re so lucky to have you!

To: Krista Farmer, Ralph Giese & Tracy Barber
From: Brad Bayer

Kudos to these three long-time UCCS staff members for their wisdom and efforts to deliver accurate and important complete count information for UCCS’ on-campus residential student population and commuter student population to support the 2020 Census. The extra time and attention to detail Ralph, Tracy, and Krista provided for this initiative is appreciated!

To: Kristina Coggins
From: Kayla Gronseth Boyer

Kristina is an amazing colleague and has been there for me recently as we worked through some high-priority deadlines for campus efforts. I appreciate you, my friend!!!

To: Laura Emmot & Sarah Harring
From: Amanda Allee

During an already busy season, Laura and Sarah have worked incredibly hard to ensure we will be compliant with new federal Title IX regulations by the deadline. In addition to continuing to do their already tough job of responding to concerns of discrimination, harassment, and sexual misconduct, they have conducted multiple policy reviews, developed several new trainings, and spent countless hours educating themselves on the new regulations. Their dedication and hard work this summer will have a positive impact on our campus community this fall as we navigate the full implementation of the new Title IX regulations.

To: Laura Straub
From: Anon.

Laura is an incredibly hard worker and supportive team member. She is the first to volunteer to help a coworker with a task or go the extra mile to help a student. She is incredibly caring and selfless, and she works hard to maintain positivity in all scenarios, even COVID-19. I am incredibly thankful for your support and friendship, Laura!

To: Lindsay Knell
From: Anon.

Lindsay is always willing to go above and beyond in everything she does. She has been welcoming to new staff and essential in all training efforts. She is our department’s go-to person, and we are very lucky to have her.

To: Mikaela Morales
From: Jacqueline Bisaillon

Mikaela has been very helpful with entering transfer credit for students. When I have needed credits to be entered and it isn’t a rush she still does it the same day I requested the evaluation. When I need credits evaluated more quickly she does it immediately. Efforts like this definitely help with enrollment. Thanks, Mikaela!

To: Missy Sernatinger
From: Ellen Burkart

I cannot say this enough, but I am so thankful for Missy. She took on a lot to allow me the opportunity to take a three month maternity leave. I never once worried about our office, our projects, and making sure that our students and their families were being taken care of. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.

To: Nicole Tugg
From: Kayla Gronseth Boyer

Nicole is always a great team player and a super supportive friend. She has the ability to think on her toes and always brings new and innovative ideas to our team. Her sense of humor and genuine nature makes me so grateful to know her!

To: Pam Sawyer
From: Liz Bunkers

Pam is a wonderful partner to the Alumni office! She is always helping us promote our program and initiatives. She has been helpful to me in connecting to SPA faculty members. She is responsive and a great person to work with. Thanks for all you do Pam!

To: Rachel Heckler
From: Bethany Wagar

Rachel is a rock star! Rachel often steps out of her comfort zone to offer her time in helping fellow staff members and students. Rachel offers detailed and compassionate responses to every student she works with. Rachel’s positive energy is infectious!

To: Robyn Marschke
From: Anon.

No other words than Robyn ROCKS! Since UCCS took over on the FCQ process, our Engineering Departments were having to go in and learn the process and do FCQ’s on our own. Robyn helped out with the entire process and has now taken over on the FCQ process. She is always going above and beyond to help out in every way she can.

To: Sam Adams
From: Jacqueline Bisaillon

Sam is always fast to assist me when I send her a message in Teams. She fixes and resolves student issues immediately. It is incredibly helpful as I work with students and can fix things so quickly for them. Her efforts have a direct impact on student enrollment. She is a joy to work with.

To: Sandy Ho
From: Ann Amicucci

Dr. Sandy Ho is continually educating others in a gracious way. Her recommendations for how to advocate for others, what to read, and how to learn more about and work against systemic racism in our country have been instrumental in shaping the learning and actions of so many on campus. I am grateful for the example she sets.

To: Season Doebler
From: Carol Quillin

Season is an amazing leader for the FDC. During the pandemic she was there for each of her staff for support, encouragement and kept us informed of what was happening with the virus event and how to move forward. Season put together gift packets for each staff and delivered them all around the city to drop off at the gate of each person’s house. I was so pleased to be able to be a part of such a professional group of people. I will truly miss them as I enter into my new journey in my life of retirement.

To: Shonda Johnson
From: Missy Sernatinger

Shonda has shown amazing support and dedication to UCSC in the past few months and has also helped me be able to advocate for staff concerns. From my perspective, her thoughts and gentle suggestions have helped improve our staff governance and I am very happy that I get to collaborate with her on UCSC for another year.

To: Sloan Gonzalez
From: Brad Bayer

Sloan has been an excellent addition to the Mountain Lion Family, and she will celebrate her one year UCCS anniversary next month as the Program Director of CLC and UCCSlead. She’s made an impressive impact with 700 unique UCCS students participating in the UCCSlead Game Changer Leadership Certificate Program this past year, which is a new record! Additionally, Sloan has advanced the development of the Chancellor’s Leadership Class (CLC) curriculum and community board engagement, while connecting CLC scholars to leadership roles on campus and volunteer opportunities in the community.

To: Stephanie Adams
From: Claire Ami

Stephanie deserves kudos for a number of reasons! She’s been amazingly innovative during this time, coming up with a way her students can host Thursday afternoon highlights on Instagram, offering up the downtown space in new ways and being the first area of campus to open leading the way for the rest of us! She has so much energy and spirit that all of campus needs to bottle up! A true leader! Kudos to Stephanie!

To: Stephen Cucchiara
From: Amandine Habben

Stephen has done an amazing job this summer working to get student activities, clubs and organizations, and fraternities and sororities prepared for this fall semester. With the procedures/information changing every day – he has done a great job of communicating this information to our students and to the Student Life staff. Not to mention all the work he has done to promote Student Life through Orientation this summer. Thank you Stephen for being a trooper and working hard for the students at UCCS!

To: Suzanne Scott
From: Gretchen Bliss

Suzanne Scott and her team have been invaluable in the Cybersecurity Initiative (CSI) Fund expenditure and accountability process this year. Being new to UCCS in April, Suzanne was generous with her time and as a mentor ensuring I got up to speed on UCCS budget processes and was very helpful in making the end of year budget process and planning for the drastic funding cuts next year much smoother. Thank you so much Suzanne for your professionalism, knowledge and generosity! You make the CSI budget effort so efficient and effective!

To: Vaughn Love
From: Anon.

Vaughn deserves so much recognition for making move-in even happen! Placing and re-placing students took so much time and energy, and Vaughn made it happen! She is a wonderful team player and a strong advocate for students and staff, and she has been amazing to work with the last year. We are incredibly lucky to have her!

To: Willow Fox
From: Monica Sedillo

Willow has been an amazing addition to HR’s office. Because I am new to my position and she is new to her position, we’ve been learning together! Willow always follows through with her word and she is great at closing the communication loop. She’s prompt in her responses and if she doesn’t know the answer, she’ll find it for me. Willow is a wonderful team player and I’m so happy I get to work with her so frequently! THANK YOU FOR BEING AWESOME!!

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