Gallery: Beers Made by Walking

September 7, 2021

On Aug. 31, the UCCS Galleries of Contemporary Art (GOCA) brought Beers Made by Walking back to Colorado Springs for a special 10th anniversary hike with four local brewers at Sondermann Park. Read the full (More)

Katherine Latona ’18: “Life has a way of working itself out”

August 12, 2021

There are times in life when our plans seem inevitable. We expect everything to go a certain way — but then it all changes. For Katherine Latona ’18, an Arts History alumna, life after graduation didn’t go as planned. But Latona landed on her feet, and is now an archivist for the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee. (More)

Photo gallery: Sculpture Walk

July 29, 2021

The Sculpture Walk is an outdoor extension of The Space(s) Between Exhibit surrounding Ent Center for the Art on the UCCS Campus and Pulpit Rock Open Space. (More)

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