Computer use policy described

Computing privileges at UCCS are for scholarly, research, academic and administrative purposes and should not be used for personal gain, politics, or to harass or intimidate, according to campus policy statements.

Information Technology directed campus computer users to a 2005 UCCS policy and a 1997 CU System policy regarding computer use after a recent debate on the UCCS faculty list and advice from the Office of the General Counsel that university resources cannot be used to advocate or campaign.

Rules for list-serves such as those maintained for faculty and staff fall under the general e-mail use policies.

“UCCS is unique – I believe in the nation – in having an open e-mail system,” Jerry Wilson, executive director, Information Technology, said. “The success of such a system requires that individual users respect each other and the policies set by the university.”

A 2005 UCCS policy says “all users of university-owned or university-leased technology systems (e.g. computers networks, phones, media equipment, etc.) must respect the rights of other computer users, respect the integrity of the physical facilities and controls and respect all pertinent license and contractual agreements. University technology resources are not to be used for commercial purposes, personal gain or non-University related activities.”

Specific responsibilities outlined in the 12-page policy include respecting the privacy and rights of others, copyright and licensing, intended use of computing resources, the shared nature of computing and adherence to rules regarding academic integrity and appropriate conduct.

To see the complete UCCS policy, visit

To see the CU System policy, visit

To see a list of activities prohibited under the Colorado Fair Campaign Practices Act, including the use of university resources to campaign, visit

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