UCCS game jammers create 12 new games in 48-hour period

Global Game Jam participants
Participants during the 2019 Global Game Jam at UCCS.

Sixty-six game designers created 12 new games in a 48-hour span as UCCS hosted one of 860 sites across the world during the 2019 Global Game Jam Jan. 27-29.

“Games bring people together, whether it’s to play them or make them and UCCS got to be part of something that brought people together from Afghanistan to Zambia,” said Chris Malec, instructor of computer science. “The participants gave their all doing what they love to do; they risked crazy ideas, they worked together to solve problems, and pushed their skills to the limit to accomplish their goal. What more could we ask from our students, alumni, and others who participated here and around the world?”

The theme for the jam “What does home mean to you?” led the UCCS jammers to create games like Community” Funeral Home Owner’s Association, Home is Where You Break In, Hedgehog’s Dilemma and Lava Royale. The teams worked to brainstorm, program, compose and animate the games before the global deadline. Each of the games is available from globalgamejam.org.

Around the world, 9,000 games were created by 47,000 jammers in 113 countries. The event, in its sixth year at UCCS, is hosted locally by the El Pomar Institute for Innovation and Commercialization.

–by Sue McClernan and Chris Malec

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