Four earn Quality Matters certifications for online courses

2018 quarter 3 Quality Matters certification
From top left to bottom right: Mary Ann Cutter, James Saunders, Morgan Lee, Catherine Simmons

Four faculty members completed the Quality Matters certification for five online courses in the third quarter of 2018.

Mary Ann Cutter, professor, Department of Philosophy, received certification in PHIL 3160: Philosophical Issues in Death and Dying. The course explores the meaning of death and dying in the history of Western philosophy from antiquity to contemporary Existentialism, and looks at a detailed examination of ethical issues raised in the care of the dying, euthanasia and termination of treatment, and care of the seriously ill newborn.

Morgan Lee, assistant professor, Department of Health Sciences, received certification in HSCI 3201: Health Behavior Change. The course is an overview of theoretical and psychosocial perspectives of changing health behavior at the individual, interpersonal and community level. It focuses on increasing professional skills in describing, applying and integrating health behavior change techniques in the design of programs for individuals and communities.

James Saunders, lecturer, Department of Counseling and Human Services, received certification in COUN 2500: Introduction to Principles of Addiction Treatment. The course presents models of addiction, defines addiction treatment, presents the National Institute on Drug Abuse principles of effective treatment, and outlines various types of addiction treatment and use of evidence-based treatment approaches. It also covers addiction counselor credentialing in Colorado.

Catherine Simmons, associate professor, School of Public Affairs, receives certification in PAD 5002: Organizational Management and Behavior. The course covers topics such as organization theory and design, managing human capital, group development and performance, inter- and intra-group communication, information management, and ethical decision making. Topics are presented within the framework of how to organize people to enhance the delivery of public services.

Quality Matters is a nationally recognized faculty-centered peer review process designed to highlight the quality of online courses and components. The Quality Matters rubric is the most widely used set of standards for the design of online and blended courses at the college level. At UCCS, Quality Matters certification is coordinated by the Faculty Resource Center. There are now 38 UCCS courses with the Quality Matters certification, the only online courses with the distinction in the CU system.

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