UCCS Downtown bringing collaboration to center of Colorado Springs

UCCS Downtown location at 102 south Tejon street
UCCS Downtown location at 102 S. Tejon St

UCCS will bring the energy and exceptional teaching of one of the state’s fastest-growing universities to the center of Colorado Springs with the opening of UCCS Downtown in fall 2018. The new location at 102 S. Tejon St. will allow tailored certificate and degree programs to take place in coordination with the business and government communities.

“We are going where our students, alumni and community partners are,” said Chancellor Venkat Reddy. “This will allow employees to continue their professional growth and employers to further develop their workforce, while creating new opportunities for our students, alumni and faculty to interact with our community.”

The location is the result of a collaboration between UCCS, Nor’wood Development Group, the City of Colorado Springs and the Downtown Partnership. The location will be ready Sept. 1 for the pilot phase with non-credit classes and programs before the implementation of for-credit certificate and degree programs in fall 2019.

In the 2018-19 academic year, UCCS Downtown will offer the Teacher Leader Academy through the College of Education, the mini-MBA program through the College of Business, concurrent enrollment programs, and certificate programs in non-profit management, cybersecurity and more. Programs for full-time undergraduate students, such as UCCSlead and the Chancellor’s Leadership Class, will also use the location.

The space will be used to bring traditional academic classes downtown for short-term experiences with community interaction and subject-matter experts. Opportunities will be available for professionals to learn more about UCCS graduate programs and professional development activities for career and personal growth. A new UCCS Speaker’s Series will feature premier UCCS faculty in seminars and lectures for residents and tourists

“This new location will be an excellent opportunity for UCCS to become fully integrated into downtown Colorado Springs and to see what the future holds for an extended downtown presence,” Reddy said. “Residents will be able to use the location to learn more about UCCS and the classes offered, meet our faculty and students, and discover how they can take advantage of lifelong learning opportunities.”

UCCS Downtown will include a welcome and recruitment center, a meeting location for alumni events and community advisory boards, and a box office to purchase tickets to arts and athletic events.

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