Scott’s career celebrated at retirement event

Gayanne Scott receives a hug from her son, Steve, during a retirement celebration March 29 at the Ent Center for the Arts. Photo by Franki Scott.

Friends, family and colleagues celebrated the work of Gayanne Scott, assistant vice chancellor, Finance and Human Resources, as she marked the end a 28-year career at UCCS.

A standing room crowd at the Ent Center for the Arts heard stories of analyzing budget numbers, her impressive blood donation totals and her plans to spend time with family. Iryse Naro, executive assistant, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance; Suzanne Scott, director, Budget Office; Anya Wynne, executive director, Human Resources; and Venkat Reddy, chancellor; each shared memories on working with Gayanne Scott.

Gayanne Scott addresses the crowd March 29. Photo by Franki Scott.

Scott earned her bachelor’s degree from UCCS in 1987 and started as an accountant with the budget and planning office in 1989. She was a member of the team that brought together the accounting office, budget office and student financial services together as the UCCS Resource Management Division in 2005 to create efficiencies in operations. The human resources office joined the division in 2013.

Scott was named assistant vice chancellor in 2014 and oversaw accounting services, budget and planning, human resources, student financial services, and the office of policy, contracting and property. She served on the University of Colorado Staff Council, the UCCS Diversity Alliance Committee and multiple executive-level search committees. Scott completed the CU Emerging Leaders Program in 2004.

Scott has led the UCCS blood drive as chair or co-chair in two separate occasions and donated nearly seven gallons of blood. Her efforts have led UCCS to be among the regional leaders in blood donations and recognition as the Best Performing Education Blood Drive Partner by Bonfils in 2013.

Scott’s last day at UCCS was March 31.

Gayanne Scott receives a retirement gift, a lifetime parking pass, from Anja Wynne, executive director, Human Resources, on behalf of Jim Spice, executive director, Parking and Transportation Services. Photo by Franki Scott.

— Photos by Franki Scott

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