Chancellor’s Town Hall: How to meet the needs of today’s student

Anthony Cordova, director, Multicultural Office for Student Access, Inclusiveness and Community, left, moderates a student panel during the Feb. 13 Chancellor’s Town Hall

“How are we meeting the needs and expectations of our students?”

That question provided the foundation for more than 140 faculty, staff and students to brainstorm the needs of students at the Feb. 13 Chancellor’s Town Hall in Berger Hall. “A Day in the Life of a Mountain Lion: Conversations about the Evolving Needs of Today’s Students” was coordinated by the office of Vice Chancellor for Student Success.

“It’s not just what students do in the classroom that matters, but how we are supporting them outside the classroom that help them do well in the class and prepare them to be a good citizen in the community,” said Chancellor Venkat Reddy as he opened the town hall. “At the end of the day, what can we do to help our students graduate and have successful careers?”

Bev Kratzer, director, Career Center, shares her group’s notes during the Town Hall.

Faculty, staff and students split into eight groups and compiled lists on how UCCS is meeting student needs, and how they can be improved. Stephanie Hanenberg, executive director, Health and Wellness Center, led a 30-minute brainstorming session for groups, who compiled lists of our campus strengths and where we can improve.

The group session led into a panel with five students and a recent alumna who answered multiple questions about their positive experiences and what still needs to be done. The students represented a mix of campus populations with military, non-traditional, international and economic viewpoints to provide context on the various needs of today’s student.

“This has created an opportunity for a great deal of synergy and collaboration,” said Sentwali Bakari, vice chancellor, Student Success. “I hear people say that they interface here and there, but it’s a lot different when we’re all in the same room.”

Sentwali Barkari, vice chancellor, Student Success, addresses faculty, staff and students at the Feb. 13 Chancellor’s Town Hall.


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