Regents grant faculty sabbaticals

The CU Board of Regents approved semester and academic year sabbaticals for 27 UCCS faculty members at a Feb. 17 meeting conducted on the campus of CU Boulder.

Those approved were:

  • Jeremy Bono, associate professor, Biology Department
  • Jeffrey Broker, associate professor, Biology Department
  • Michael Calvisi, assistant professor, College of Engineering and Applied Science (if granted tenure)
  • Robert Carlson, professor, Mathematics Department
  • Edward Chow, professor, College of Engineering and Applied Science
  • Michele Companion, professor, Sociology Department
  • Joshua Dunn, professor, Political Science Department
  • Ying Fan, assistant professor, College of Business (if granted tenure)
  • Fernando Feliu-Moggi, associate professor, Languages and Cultures Department
  • Paul Harvey, professor, History Department
  • Renee Henry, assistant professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry Department (if granted tenure)
  • Steve Jennings, associate professor, Geography and Environmental Studies Department
  • Michael Kisley, professor, Psychology Department
  • Rory Lewis, associate professor, College of Engineering and Applied Science
  • Suzanne MacAulay, professor, Visual and Performing Arts Department
  • Patrick McGuire, associate professor, College of Education
  • Jeffrey Montez de Oca, associate professor, Sociology Department
  • Thomas Napierkowski, professor, English Department
  • David Nelson, professor, Communication Department
  • Dorothea Olkowski, professor, Philosophy Department
  • Gregory Oman, assistant professor, Mathematics Department (if granted tenure)
  • Joseph Postell, assistant professor, Political Science Department (if granted tenure)
  • Dena Samuels, assistant professor, Women’s and Ethnic Studies Program (if granted tenure)
  • Susan Taylor, professor, English Department
  • Robert Welshon, professor, Philosophy Department
  • Rhonda Williams, associate professor, College of Education
  • Yu Zhang, professor, Mathematics Department

After six years of service to the university on regular full-time appointment, a tenured member of the faculty is eligible for a sabbatical assignment. Faculty who receive sabbaticals are expected to use the sabbatical assignment to enhance his or her scholarly teaching competence and potential for service to the university and advance departmental program goals.


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