Chancellor Memo: UCCS will assist those affected by immigration order

To the Campus Community:

We have heard from students, faculty and staff concerning the presidential executive order that suspends entry into the United States of nonimmigrants and immigrants from seven countries for 90 days.

I am writing to assure you that UCCS takes this order seriously and is working quickly to assist any students or faculty who are directly affected.

Dr. Mandy Hansen, director, Global Engagement Office, has reached out to the roughly 20 international students who are from the affected countries to offer both personal support and professional information. To the best of our knowledge, no UCCS students were abroad when the new regulations were put into place. Additionally, we do not believe that the immigration orders apply to students or employees currently within the United States. Nothing within the executive order rescinds their legal status. All international UCCS students are here legally.

We are encouraging students to abide by the rules governing immigration status and to postpone any travel. Any students with concerns are encouraged to contact Dr. Hansen at  (719) 255-7528 or [email protected]. Any faculty members who have students who express concerns are encouraged to direct questions to Hansen or to a website she created, It is imperative that we direct students to those who have the latest information and separate rumor from fact.

As a university, we value the talent, culture and contributions shared by our international faculty and students. With more than 30 countries represented at UCCS, the world comes to Colorado Springs through UCCS, providing our resident students a truly international experience at home. It is an experience we believe will last students a lifetime in our increasingly global society. How we take care of each other is a reflection of our campus culture and values.

Please be mindful that while the number of students who are directly affected is relatively small, anxiety – particularly among international students – is high. Please continue to treat each other with the respect and civility you have demonstrated over the past few weeks. Be assured that UCCS will continue to support its students, faculty and staff to the full extent of the law.




Pam Shockley-Zalabak, Chancellor

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