Telma Frumholtz and Karlye Enkler recognized at 2023 International Educator Conference  

During the 2023 Colorado-Wyoming International Educators Conference, Karlye Enkler and Telma Frumholtz were recognized for their efforts in international education at UCCS.  

Telma Frumholtz, the Senior Education Abroad Advisor for the department of International Affairs, received the Lifetime Achievement Award. 

The lifetime achievement award is given to recognize an individual’s contributions over the course of their time in the field. Nominees needed to have more than seven years in the international education field.  

With a passion demonstrated over 10 years of working in international education, Frumholtz has brought experience and new ideas to UCCS, including advising students and working on new programs and exchange opportunities.  

“From connecting students with the right programs to helping study abroad participants transition back to their life in the U.S., Telma has always been passionate and dedicated to engaging their meaningful international experience,” said Enkler, who nominated Frumholtz for the award. “She is one person taking on the role of three people and her vast experience in the field has been clearly on display throughout, shining through in every new project she takes on with grace and motivation.” 

Karlye Enkler, who serves as the International Student and Scholar Advisor for UCCS, received the Innovative Program Award. 

The Innovative Program Award recognizes an international education program. Programs were compared on specific details including how it stands out compared to other programs and the nominee’s role in the program’s success. Programs that integrated sustainability or diversity, equity and inclusion principles were looked for with special interest.    

Knowing the financial burdens a majority of our students face, Enkler created a program that gives international students access to donated items. After hearing students from different countries claim their country had the best Jollof, a rice dish from West Africa, she created UCCS’ new annual international cook-off event. These are just two examples of the many events she hosts for UCCS international students.    

“Students’ feedback has been so positive and grateful,” said Frumholtz, who nominated Enkler for the award. “She creates these events to bring together so many different communities fostering an environment to learn from each other.” 

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