Dean of Students recognized with service excellence award

Steve Linhart
Steve Linhart

Steve Linhart is used to standing out in a crowd.

But on Friday, it will be the UCCS Dean of Student’s actions, not his height, that draw attention. He will be awarded the 2014 University of Colorado Staff Council Service Excellence Award during April 16 ceremonies in Boulder.

Imposing at six-feet five inches tall, Linhart’s nominators complimented his ability to push a car out of a snowdrift but focused on skills such as visiting sick students, consoling a parent whose child was lost in an accident, and widespread involvement in both campus and community affairs.

“Steve’s passion for working with college students is evident in each of his encounters,” Stephanie Hanenberg, executive director, Health Services, wrote. “We have had numerous students hospitalized over the past few years and Steve always takes it upon himself to visit those students to help support them and their family.”

Ralph Geise, director, Residence Life and Housing, cited Linhart’s ability to problem solve as well as his personal commitment.

“He often shares his history and knowledge and has incredible insight into the needs of our students,” Geise wrote. “His dedication to a student in need and our campus population as a whole is not limited to a ‘nine to five’ response.”

A former member of the UCCS Police Department, Linhart began working with students full-time in 2008 as executive director of Judicial Affairs and Student Support. When that position was eliminated in 2010 as part of budget reductions, Linhart was named student conduct officer and director of emergency management. In 2012, as part of a restructuring, he was named dean of students and given responsibility for enforcing the student code of conduct and assisting students in crisis.

As a police officer, Linhart was known for choosing to patrol campus on a bicycle and for his frequent friendly interaction with students. Examples of his sense of humor included allowing campus police officers to squeeze him into the rear seat of a Toyota Prius patrol car as well as celebrating events such as National High Five Day.

But even the serious tasks such as the enforcement of rules is done with uncharacteristic ability, said Benek Altayli, director, University Counseling Center.

“A lot of the students who have to face the consequences for their mistakes benefit from how the consequences are delivered,” Altayli wrote. “They usually ‘get it’ once they start to work with Steve because they see that he understands their challenges, he cares a whole lot about what happens to them, and whatever he is doing is designed primarily to help them succeed in school.”

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  1. This man is more than just a title that he is known by, which is Dean of Students. He is also a great friend, I know from my own personal experiences with him that he deserves way more recognition than what has been given to him. He truly cares about UCCS and Colorado Spring’s community. Here is a man that I look up to and consider one of my role models. Thank you Steve for everything you have done for this school, community, and me personally. I know there is way more that you have done that I am sure most people don’t even know. It is a privelege to know you.

  2. Mr. Linhart is the best representative of any college. He is so concerned if students are doing well. Mr. Linhart should be recognized as the greatest caring person on this campus!

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