School of Public Affairs is now the College of Public Service

The UCCS School of Public Affairs has become the College of Public Service. The University of Colorado Board of Regents approved the name change and three new academic departments in June: Criminal Justice, Public Administration and Social Work. The change reflects the expanded size, scope and impact of the College of Public Service.

“All three of the disciplines in the new College of Public Service – Criminal Justice, Public Administration, and Social Work – have at their core a common purpose: to serve the public,” said George Reed, Dean of the College of Public Service. “Those who wish to serve their community, nation and the world will find common cause with our faculty and students. The new title is a better description of our efforts.”

“We are also in a community that hosts five military installations,” he continued. “In the military context, public affairs means journalism, communications and public relations. None of those are a focus of our college. The new name serves to eliminate that confusion for those who are affiliated with the military.”

The College of Public Service, one of the few academic units that grew during the pandemic, has seen a 221% enrollment increase since 2011. Its MPA program has grown and is considered large by most standards, and the criminal justice program has been one of the fastest-growing degree programs on campus and is now the third-largest undergraduate program at UCCS.  

Check out some photos from the name change celebration below. The entire album of photos can be viewed here.

About the College of Public Service

The UCCS College of Public Service is one of the premier schools of public administration in the Rocky Mountain West. Its relevant and flexible programs prepare students for leadership in the public and nonprofit sectors, including criminal justice and social work. The College of Public Service offers both traditional and accelerated undergraduate and graduate programs, with options to earn dual degrees and graduate certificates. Learn more about the College of Public Service at UCCS