Announcing the new Budget Model Task Force

During the recent Town Hall, UCCS leadership spent some time discussing the status of the new incentive-based budget model. Since launching the new budget model in July, they have heard and listened to campus concerns with the model in its current form. As the Chancellor said during the Town Hall, this is our model, and we can change it together to fit our needs. We can – and we will – make this a model that works for all of us.

A small task force has been created and tasked with reviewing and, if necessary, redesigning the budget model. The Chancellor has asked the group to focus the budget model review and redesign to include only the general fund. Auxiliaries will be moved into the budget model at a later date. Provost Nancy Marchand-Martella will be chairing the task force.

Members of the task force include:

  • Nancy Marchand-Martella, Chair
  • Rhonda Glazier
  • Kyle Gruenhagen
  • Charles Kuehler
  • Enid Ruiz-Mattei
  • Paul Mendoza
  • Don Rabern
  • Suzanne Scott
  • Terri Wagner

The task force will begin their work by reviewing the current budget issues and looking at our fellow CU campuses and other successful models from around the nation. A survey will be sent to campus stakeholder groups in early December for feedback on desired changes they would like to see in the budget model. Please keep an eye out for that survey.

The task force will build one model with feedback points to present to stakeholder groups for feedback by March 1, 2023. Relevant stakeholder groups will be engaged in March 2023 to receive feedback. Based on feedback, appropriate changes will be made to the model and the model will be brought back to the stakeholders for review with the objective of finalizing the model by end of May 2023.

The goal is to run the model in parallel during FY24 with full implementation in FY25. The process will be as transparent as possible, with monthly status reports to key stakeholders.

For FY23 budgets, we will follow the current FY23 Budget Allocation Model. The Budget Office will work with campus financial administrators to clarify budget status for FY23.