Meeting a Pandemic Head On | Missy Uveges ’19

September 4, 2020

For Missy Uveges ’19, being an ICU nurse is about rigor, autonomy, trust, teamwork and intensity – and decisions that mean the difference between life and death. She couldn’t imagine a better career. (More)

Overcoming With Grit and Determination | Levino Johnson ’16

September 2, 2020

Forced as a child to watch his mother deal with drug addiction, Levino Johnson ‘16 dropped out of high school with just a ninth-grade education. Fearful at confronting these hardships, Levino found a level of grit and determination, propelling him to achieve more.  (More)

Empowering Others Through Communication and Empathy | James Proby ’96

September 1, 2020

Presented with the opportunity to continue life as a successful businessman or to shake things up and find a way to help the less fortunate, UCCS alum James Proby ’96 selected the latter. To Proby, the need in the Colorado Springs community was too dire, and he had the skills to help remedy an obvious issue — capable men were missing out on job opportunities because they couldn’t afford a suit.  (More)

Forging a Future in Security | Christine Izuakor ’16

March 19, 2020

Looking back on her current success, Christine Izuakor ’16 points to a pivotal conversation with a former mentor who expressed a pessimistic view on potential contributions to the field of security by a young woman, especially in her early twenties.  (More)

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