Staff Council executive board elected

Outgoing UCCS Staff Council President Tish Fleener, program assistant,Chemistry, announced the new Staff Council Executive Board for 2010-2011 in an April 30 e-mail.

Co-presidents-elect for the 2009-2010 term, Megan Broeren, program assistant, Student Success, and Nikki Coahran, administrative assistant, Public Safety, now move into the co-presidents positions.

Michelle Sorensen, program assistant, Disabilities Services and University Testing, and Jennifer O’Connell, administrative assistant, Student Health Center are the new co-presidents-elect.

Rachel Gibson, general professional, Admissions Counseling and Student Recruitment, was elected executive secretary.

Brad Bailey, accountant, Resource Management, was elected treasurer.

The new co-executives complimented the outgoing administration and pledged to continue a strong effort on behalf of staff concerns.

“Staff Council will continue its mission to foster communication between all staff members and administration about relevant issues, provide opportunities for service and enrichment, and help cultivate a positive and collaborative work environment,” said Broeren.

This past year has been very enlightening,” Coahran said. “Tish has been a great mentor and leader along with the entire Staff Council Executive Board.  My hopes for next year are simply to provide the campus with the same level of professionalism and support the Executive Board has been and is currently exhibiting.”

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