Web page causes controversy

To the Campus Community:

I am writing to advise you of a recent controversy surrounding a Department of Public Safety web page.

A page containing information about rape prevention at UCCS was taken out of context on popular social media sites and has drawn the attention of local news media as well.

We apologize for the miscommunication and any confusion that this page may have caused.

No policy was changed by the University and no advisories about crime prevention were sent to faculty, staff and students, as has been reported. Additionally, the web page in question is not related to the gun control discussions now taking place in the Colorado General Assembly.

The page in question was created in 2006 as supplemental material for women who had completed an internationally recognized Rape Aggression Defense course offered free of charge to UCCS students. The 10 tips are considered last resort options when all other defense methods have been exhausted.

This page was intended as a reminder for graduates of the RAD program, an intensive self defense program, and part of a larger discussion of last-resort tactics.

As a response to recent interest in the page, the Department of Public Safety will update it to provide additional context and information about crime prevention and the opportunity to enroll in the RAD class.

I encourage you to share this information and thank you for your continued efforts to keep UCCS safe.



Jim Spice, executive director, Department of Public Safety


3 Comments on Web page causes controversy

  1. last resort or not, 2006 or 2013, as a woman and a rape victim, this is the most insulting, stupid and ineffective “advice” I’ve ever read. the post-backlash back pedaling doesn’t excuse the insult in any way.

    taking responsibility for your own self defense is the best rape prevention possible and firearms are the most powerful way to do that. uccs would better serve the safety of its female students by allowing them to protect themselves instead of ineffective “safe zones.”

  2. Morons.

    Next time the alumni association asks me for money, I’m going to tell them to urinate or vomit on themselves.


  3. UCCS would be better off spending money on educating men on their role in rape prevention rather than putting the onus on the victims to stop what the perpetrator, most often men, are more than capable of stopping. Rape is rarely about sex- it’s about power and domination and part of a culture of sexism that can only end when men are engaged and invested in ending it. I am all for people knowing how to defend themselves, but in a collegiate atmosphere I think it is wiser to invest in education of potential perpetrators rather than contributing to the rampant victim blaming already present in the U.S.

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