ISIS project arrives

UCCS students will use a new registration system for fall 2010, and campus project team members are making every effort to anticipate and address possible difficulties and help students with this transition.

The Improved Student Information System replaces a 23-year-old system used by the University of Colorado that is obsolete. A campaign to remind students of upcoming changes is underway, using a range of methods from student e-mails to shopping carts in the University Center.

Some of the changes include:

  • Registration through a new student portal and student self-service center
  • Three digit course numbers are now system 4 Digits (XXX + 0; ENGL 131 = ENGL 1310)
  • A $200 registration deposit required prior to registration
  • Department abbreviations have no spaces (C_S_ becomes CS; P AD becomes PAD)

Help will be available, and many students will find the new system a welcomed change for the services provided online, advised Steve Ellis, interim associate vice chancellor, Student Success

Via the new portal, students will log on using their campus user name and password to register for fall 2010. Students enrolling for summer will register via the old Student Online Center. A web page to help guide students to the proper registration system is available.

Some of the new features for fall 2010 in the Student Self-Service Center include class search capability and a registration shopping cart. The shopping cart allows students to build their desired class schedule in advance.  With the shopping cart, students may pre-select and prioritize classes. Students will “check-out” and get registered in their courses on or after their registration appointment time with a click of a button.

All four-digit course number changes will appear on transcripts, degree audits and in the course schedule. Courses that were already four-digit under the old system remain the same.

A $200 deposit is required before registration. It is payable online or at the bursar’s office. The deposit will be waived if the student is receiving UCCS financial aid.

Further information about the changes students, faculty and staff will experience with ISIS is available at The page also includes short videos and “how-to” instructions. Face-to-face help for students and registration is available from personnel in the student records office, student success, and from computer lab support staff. Assistance with issues related to logon and portal is available through the IT help desk.

Training for using software in the new system began for personnel in admissions, financial aid and other student service units, and an ISIS task force was formed to assist the transition.

A group of student volunteers participated in a pilot registration March 29 to test the usability of the new system. Continuing and new students will use SIS and the Student Online center to register for summer 2010 and ISIS to register for fall 2010. ISIS becomes the system-of-record for all transactions beginning fall 2010 forward.

A student communication task force is working on communicating with students about the changes for fall 2010. Students will receive information electronically, by mail, through articles in the Scribe and advertisements in Commode Chronicles. Its members are asking faculty and staff to direct students to available help on the web and on campus.  Actual shopping carts will be placed in strategic areas on campus as a visual reminder so students will know registration includes shopping and checking out.

The ISIS project has been underway since late 2007, and is a University of Colorado system-wide initiative. The project is funded by the CU President’s office and replaces an outdated system no longer supported by the vendor.

For more information about the ISIS project, see this PDF newsletter: MetamorphoSIS Project News April 2010 PDF

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