Security training a concern

CU System campuses are implementing processes to raise awareness of computer information privacy and security, prompting Chancellor Pam Shockley-Zalabak to issue a memo on the subject to the campus community. See the memo below.

March 5, 2010

To the Campus Community:

It was recently brought to my attention that more than one-third of UCCS faculty and staff have not yet taken a required online course in computer information privacy and security.

While I complement the majority of our campus, the resulting gap is troubling.

I wish to remind supervisors they are responsible for ensuring that every employee (full- and part-time, permanent and temporary, student workers and lecturers) complete the general “Information Privacy and Security” course. Additionally, employees who provide Information Technology services are required to take a second course, “Information Security for IT Service Providers.”  Both courses are available online through the employee portal. Instructions are provided below. The courses were introduced as required for all CU campus faculty and staff in fall 2007 by President Brown and reaffirmed by President Benson in fall 2008.

The Human Resources Department is in the process of adding completion of these courses to formal job performance planning and goal-setting processes. The courses should be completed within 90 days of creation of an employee’s computer account. A user account may be disabled until training is completed. All campuses in the CU System are implementing these processes.

To complete the training, logon to the myCU Portal at using your UCCS IT account user name and password.

  • Click on the MY.TRAINING tab
  • Click on “Click here for SkillPort – CU’s Online Learning”
  • Click on “CU Custom Curricula” under the shortcuts menu
  • Click the first option, “University of Colorado: custom courses”
  • Select the “CU: Information Privacy and Security” course title from the alphabetized list.
  • Employees who provide IT services will also need to select the “CU: Information Security for IT Service Providers” course from the alphabetized list.

If you have questions about the courses, contact the Information Technology Help Desk, 255-3536 or


Pam Shockley-Zalabak

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