UCCS professor to participate in religious discussion

UCCS’s Jeff Scholes will participate in a discussion regarding religious belief at Colorado College on the evening of May 5.

Scholes, instructor, Philosophy Department, UCCS, will pair with David Gardiner, associate professor and chair, Religion Department, CC, to present “Religious Belief in the 21st Century.”

The discussion will be presented on the CC campus at 7 p.m. in Slocum Commons, first floor, SW wing, Slocum Hall and is free to all community members.

Scholes and Gardiner will discuss the current state of religious belief in light of recent challenges to traditional religious belief, such as the “New Atheism,” Secular Humanism and religious pluralism that have problematized the belief in a transcendent reality.

Scholes and Gardiner hope that audience members will participate in the discussion.
The event is sponsored by the CC Religion Department, the UCCS Center for Religious Diversity and Public Life and the BodhiMind Center.

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