UCCS by the numbers

How does UCCS measure against similar colleges and universities in other states?
Very well, thank you.

Robyn Marshke, director, Institutional Research, recently compiled the latest data from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System which compares statistics in such key areas as enrollment, graduation rates, numbers of faculty and staff, and graduation rates.

A few select examples include


  • 69 percent of students who applied to UCCS were accepted compared to 65 percent at similar schools.
  • The retention rate for full-time students at UCCS is comparable to other schools in the survey while part-time students were retained at a higher (9 percentage points) rate.
  • Graduation rates for UCCS students were comparable to other schools. UCCS students who are minority group members graduated at higher rates than students at other schools.


  • The UCCS student-to-faculty ratio is 17:1
  • 49 percent of UCCS employees are faculty compared to 41 percent of employees at similar universities.


  • UCCS spends 21 percent less than other universities and devotes 44 percent of its budget to instruction compared to 40 percent at other schools.
  • Instruction, academic support, institutional support and student services account for 72 percent of expenses.


  • 51 percent of UCCS revenue comes from tuition and fees charged to students compared to 32 percent at similar schools.

Want more data as well as a list of the 31 schools considered UCCS peers? Visit http://www.uccs.edu/~irpage and click on either the “Quick Facts” or “Peers” tabs or http://nces.edu.gov/ipeds/datacenter. Prefer the personal approach? Contact Marshke at rmarshke@uccs.edu or 255-3640.

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