Campus posts more than 7 percent enrollment gain

Spring credit hour enrollment at UCCS increased by more than 7 percent from a year ago and headcount increased by more than 6 percent, according to figures released today by the Office of Admissions and Records.

Steve Ellis, interim associate vice chancellor, Student Success, said all colleges posted student credit hour increases this spring, leading to a 7.2 percent or 6,390 credit hour increase from last year. In spring 2010, students enrolled in UCCS colleges generated 95,555 credit hours compared to 89,165 credit hours for spring 2009. This is the largest-ever spring enrollment.

“I am deeply appreciative of faculty and staff who made extra efforts to enroll students,” Ellis said. “Individual efforts ranging from adding a wait-listed student to staying late to process an application or helping a student who was struggling combined to generate results that will help UCCS now and in the future.”

A total of 8,182 students enrolled for the spring, up 6.4 percent or 489 from last year. Of the increased students, 275 or 56 percent are men. UCCS overall enrollment was 4,590 women and 3,592 men.

The campus also posted a 28.6 percent increase in the number of transfer students. For spring 2010, 517 transfer students enrolled at UCCS compared to 402 last year. The number of students who self-report as being a member of an ethnic minority group increased by 14.3 percent to 1,591 students this year compared to 1,392 in spring 2009. Minority students are 19.5 percent of the overall student enrollment.

Detailed enrollment reports will be provided to campus deans by Admissions and Records. Increasing enrollment is a strategic goal set by UCCS to deal with decreasing state revenues and efforts to prevent faculty and staff layoffs.

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