Retirees represent more than 300 years campus experience

Thirteen campus faculty and staff members announced retirements in June and July. Their names, title, department and years of service follow.

  • Kirkland Wilcox, senior instructor, College of Business, 37 years.
  • Betty Michl, program assistant, Engineering and Applied Science, nine years.
  • Michael Ciletti, professor, Engineering and Applied Science, 35 years.
  • Robert Larkin, professor, Geography and Environmental Studies, 35 years.
  • Paul Grogger, associate professor, Geography and Environmental Studies, 35 years.
  • Sonya Hartshorne, accounting technician, Bookstore, 19 years.
  • Carel Nolan, general professional, Bookstore, 20 years.
  • Thomas Peterson, deputy chief, Public Safety, two years.
  • Mary Yates, coordinator, Student Success, eight years.
  • Steve Ellis, interim associate vice chancellor, Student Success, 30 years.
  • James Daly, professor, Mathematics, 25 years.
  • James Tidwell, general professional, Admissions Services, 34 years.
  • Carmen Abeyta, director, Multicultural Affairs and Student Outreach, 24 years.

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